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Greenpower Contactors - Control for HID Grow Lights

Safely control the day and night settings of 2 to 28 HID grow lights with UK built GreenPower lighting controllers.

GreenPower relays and contactors prevent timers from becoming fused or burnt out by the high electrical charge that switches HID lamps on.

Ordinary timers can’t cope with the electrical charge required to switch HID lamps on. The small contacts in ordinary timers fuse together making the timer fail – so your lights will remain on or off and the lighting set-up can become damaged.

GreenPower contactors protect against this by controlling the lighting ballast through the heavy duty circuitry of the contactor itself instead of directly through a small timer.

Green Power relays and contactors are built in the UK, have heavy-duty internal wiring, steel casing, a fully galvanised back panel to protect the inner workings and rubberised cables that conform to HO7RNF for protection against the light damage. They are covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Available from 2 light to 28 light units.

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