Pioneering Hydroponics

Since 1976

About Nutriculture

A pioneering tradition

Nutriculture Hydroponics pioneered hobby hydroponics in the 1970s when founder John Molyneux, then a PHD student, started to design hydroponic systems that optimised root access to water, nutrients and oxygen to produce massively increased yields.

Since 1976 our hydroponic systems have been enabling British and European growers to produce healthier plants with bigger yields. Our hydroponic systems are best-sellers throughout Europe. 

We’re proud to be specialists in hydroponic systems – great systems that deliver nutrients, water and oxygen to plant roots in perfect balance.

Nutriculture hydroponic systems are designed by a team of horticulturalists, botanists and plant geneticists all still led by John, a published authority on hydroponics.
Now the founders of hobby hydroponics are available in North America